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Certodog Hundeinstruktor Zertifikat und Erwachsenen Bildung (SVEB) Zertifikat
Der Certodog Hundeinstruktorenkurs ist eine gesamtheitliche modular aufgebaute Ausbildung zum Hundeinstruktor, Hundetrainer und zur Hundefachperson. Sie bietet ein solides Wissen in Praxis und Theorie zu Verhalten, Lerntheorien, Verhaltensproblemen des Hundes, sowie auch die aktuelle rechtliche Lage in der Schweiz.
CERTODOG HIK 1 Zertifikat SWEB Zertifika
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Kurs Zertifikat

FBA Kursbestätigung Fachspezifische berufsunabhängige Ausbildung für Betreuungspersonal in Tierheim mit max. 19 Betreuungsplätzen.

FBA Zertifikat und Bewilligung - Walt Education Center

About me

Since I can remember, dogs have always been the center of my life. I had an exciting childhood as I grew up in over ten countries. Even though my home changed frequently, there was always a constant in my life, my dogs. They always gave me the grounding I needed and in them I always had a friend.


I have owned dogs for over 30 years. Whether I am doing agility, jogging, or just walking, they are always my companions. I gained my dog experience with dogs, not only as a dog owner, but also in various educational courses and seminars. In 2009, I became certified at Certodog Switzerland as a dog trainer.

Certodog Dog Instructor Certificate and Adult Education Instructor (SVEB) Certificate
Certodog Dog Instructor Course is a modular training to become a dog instructor, dog trainer, and dog specialist. It offers a solid knowledge in practice and theory on behavior, learning theories, behavioral problems of the dog, as well as the current legal situation regarding Canines in Switzerland.
CERTODOG HIK 1 Zertifikat SWEB Zertifika
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First Aid Course for Dogs - Walt Education Center

FBA Course Confirmation

FBA Certificate - Walt Education Center